“Social support reduces the intensity in which patients experience their pain. People suffering from persistent pain who have a good social network, appear to be more active, they move more and manage their energy in a healthier way”.

Support for chronic pain provides books and info by and for patients with invisible chronic illness or pain, and for anyone, of  the inner and outer circle of someone with pain.

Support for chronic pain provides help and support in keeping your social network as strong and warm as possible. We will not  provide any information or help with treatments, medication or therapy, but solely help to deal with the social aspects of chronic pain.

“If chronic pain patients no longer have a good social network, it is not because they do not have people around them. No, it is because they, and the people around them, don’t have the appropriate skills to keep their relationship warm and solid, despite the pain”.

bloemetjes__ienieminiAre you someone suffering from chronic pain?
How do you change the people around you in Strong Helpers?
Find advice and tips on this website for the relationship with your partner, with your kids, and with your family & friends.

bloemetjes__ienieminiAre you related to someone suffering from chronic pain?
Do you want to know how you can become a Strong Helper?
Find advice and tips on this website, when you are a partner, a child, or a family member or a friend of someone suffering from persistent pain.

bloemetjes__ienieminiFind a lot more advice, tips, pitfall, and a lot of stories from chonic pain patients ánd the people around them, in the series of books “Coping with chronic pain” ..
Order them here and ensure you maintain a strong and warm social network!

Please note!
‘Support for chronic pain’ is a private, ‘for purpose’ initiative! It arose out of frustration and dissatisfaction with the fact that there is hardly any information on the social factor of (chronic) pain. And the fact that helping the patient to keep his social network strong and warm, is still no part of the treatment. This is despite the fact that there is evidence this can make a whole lot of difference! Besides that ‘Support for chronic pain’ will provide information and help for partners and children of chronic pain patients. For an individual does not have chronic pain, a family does.
Any proceeds from the book will fully benefit the project ‘Support for chronic pain’. To help as many chronic pain patients and the people around them as possible all over the world.

The mission of ‘Support for chronic pain’ is to make sure that as much of the millions (!)of people with chronic pain will get enough Strong Helpers around them. The physical and psychological aid, costing billions, provides far too little results.
40-60% of the chronic pain patients experience no improvement of their symptoms from these treatments! For them, and of course also for those who do benefit from the therapy, there is much to be gained when you maintain a strong and warm social network.

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