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American Chronic Pain Association: -
To facilitate peer support and education for individuals with chronic pain and their families so that these individuals may live more fully in spite of their pain.

American Academy of Pain Management: -
A non-profit organization that educates clinicians about pain and its management through an integrative interdisciplinary approach.

American Academy of Pain Medicine: -
The medical specialty society representing physicians practicing in the field of Pain Medicine

American Society for Action on Pain: -
Patient organization interested in pain management issues/concerns.

American Society for Pain Management Nursing: -
Organization of professional nurses that provide support to pain management. Contains announcements and an e-mail list.

American Pain Society (APS): -
Multidisciplinary, scientific and professional society. Contains announcements of positions, fellowships, grants, etc.

American Society of Addiction Medicine: -
Site dedicated to increasing the quality of addiction treatment. Includes certification, publications, and conference info.

Addiction Centre:
Addiction help and support 24/7

Chronic pain in USA:
Dedicated to the collaborative exchange of information to further the understanding of chronic pain management.
Pain advocacy community (sponsored website)

Christine Miserandino’s (Spoon Theory) website

American Society of Pain Educators: -
A nonprofit professional organization dedicated to improving pain management through the education and training of healthcare professionals to become Certified Pain Educators (CPEs). As the only organization focusing on pain educator training, the Society teaches healthcare professionals to serve as resources to educate their clinical peers, as well as patients, families, and caregivers, on ways to relieve pain by the safest means possible.

American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine: -
Member info, web-based CME, and fellowship opportunities are some of the highlights.

Drugs4Real: -
An interactive prevention program that teaches adolescents about the influence of alcohol and drugs and strengthens their commitment to avoid taking these substances.

International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP): -
NPO consisting of health professionals. Access to web-based learning, grants/awards, opportunities, etc.

National Pain Foundation: -
A non-profit organization that provides education and support resources for people in chronic pain, their families, and physicians.

Pain & Policy Studies Group, University of Wisconsin: -
This website contains a wealth of information about pain relief and public policy, both domestic and international.

Pain Medicine News: -
Timely frequently updated content designed to meet the needs of the spectrum of physicians involved in pain medicine.

Pain Treatment Topics: -
With pharmaceutical company support, a noncommercial resource for healthcare professionals, providing clinical news, information, research, and education for a better understanding of evidence-based pain-management practices. -
Free web-based CME, articles, and pain journals (all free to view).

An online self-management program for pain patients, featuring individually-customized information, interactive skill-building tools, monthly newsletter and opportunities to share self-management tips.

PainLink: -
Archived website that still contains applicable information.

PAINWeek®: -
PAINWeek is the national pain conference for frontline clinicians. The collective goal and vision of PAINWeek is to disseminate knowledge and tools to frontline clinicians who are faced with treating the majority of patients in pain.

Support Groups and forums USA



Lottie Ryan:

Jessica Cangiano :

and if you Google: ‘Chronic Pain Bloggers’ you will find many, many more!



Pain Support
A place where you might find some answers to your questions, get support from others who understand what you go through each day and maybe even find some new ways to cope with your chronic pain.
Pain in Australia is a national not-for-profit body established to improve the treatment and management of pain in Australia.

Overcoming Pain:
Website of Dr Mark Grant: place where you can learn how to feel better, whether your pain is physical, emotional or a combination of both.

Chronic pain in Australia:
Improving knowledge and understanding about chronic pain across Australia

Australian Pain Management Association | Australian Pain is the consumer health organisation for all Australians who live with persistent pain



The British Pain Society:
The British Pain Society aims to promote education, training, research and development in all fields of pain. The British Pain Society provides general information about pain. These include: – details about Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) – a list of self-help groups – a suggested reading list – a number of publications designed for patients about the management of pain 

Find advice and support – and relief from pain:

Targeting pain:

The Oxford Pain Internet Site:

Away with pain
The website dedicated to providing information and support to those living with chronic pain.

Arthritis Research Campaign:

Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland:


Napp Pharmaceuticals’ patient information website:

OPEN Minds:
Pain Concern is a UK-based chronic pain charity working to help, support and inform people living with pain and those who care for them:

Self-management courses UK:

Action on Pain Tel: 01760 725993 PainLine: 0845 603 1593 Email:

Action on Pain is a charity dedicated to providing support and advice to people living with chronic pain. In addition to a website and information booklets, it also has a network of support groups around the UK that meet on a regular basis, and the charity is always on the lookout for volunteers to set up more groups. It also has a dedicated, confidential and informal telephone helpline (PainLine), manned by people with chronic pain, which provides expert advice and support based around the volunteers’ own experience.

Pain Concern Helpline: 01620 822572
Pain Concern provides information and support for pain sufferers and those who care for them and about them. quarterly magazine and a helpline that gives you the chance to talk to a fellow pain sufferer.

Pain in Europe:

National Pain Audit 2009 :

European guidelines for back pain management and prevention:

European Pain Network
It produces a free factsheet and leaflets to help you manage your pain, a

The princess in the tower: (For CRPS and Fibromyalgia):

Chronic Pain Association Canada:
The mission of the chronic pain association of Canada is to prevent and relieve unnecessary pain and to improve the quality of life and daily function of people who suffer from pain through education and awareness.

Persistent Pain- Pain self-management, Canada: Self-management and support groups


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