Coping with Chronic Pain, a Team Effort!
Book 3: ‘For You and Your Family & Friends’

bloemetjes__mini_2Do you suffer from invisible chronic pain and does it cause you to have a hard time maintaining healthy and strong Book 3_vs4_witrandrelationships with the people around you? Do your family and friends not understand what you go through or what you really need? Do you act tough, trying not to come across as whiny, leading to more pain and you not getting sufficient help and support?
Read and learn how to get more ‘Strong Helpers’ in your social network!
bloemetjes__mini_2Are you a family member or a friend of someone suffering from invisible pain? Do you find it difficult to understand the anxiety and fear, and tough knowing how to lend support and adequate help?Read and learn how you can become a ‘Strong Helper’.Living with chronic pain places a strain on all the important relationships in the lives of the patients, as well as their spouses, children, family & friends. In this book you will find hundreds of ‘dos & don’ts’; practical, instantly applicable tips and advice that will benefit everybody suffering from pain, as well as those in their inner and outer social circles.More Coping with Chronic Pain, a Team Effort!:Book 1. You and Your Partner
Book 2. You and Your Kids


Table of Contents of the book; ‘For You and Your Family and Friends’

What you need to know before reading
What you may find and can expect

Why is this so common?
What can you improve yourself?
How do you keep things nice and sociable?

Just in the head?3_sneaky
A personal story
A little bit of understanding
A Strong Helper
Dos and don’ts to remember

Letter to a friend
The Spoon Theory

Recommended websites, support groups, blogs
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Reviews ‘For You and YourFamily & Friends’

bloemetjes__ienieminiWe all know how debilitating pain can be and how it can affect every area of our life. For those of us who have not experienced chronic pain, it is hard to imagine what that can be like. But most importantly we are often at a loss to know how to deal with the people in pain, so we distance ourselves because we can’t fix the problem, in order to avoid the feelings of guilt and uselessness, or we may say things that are supposed to be supportive when in fact all they do is add to the pain of the sufferer.
This book is not only of use to the chronic pain sufferer, but to all people who come in contact with one. I particularly appreciated the fact that the person in pain does not expect us to FIX the problem. The list of all the do’s and don’t are very helpful, particularly the “black” list of things we should never say and the “Letter to a friend”. I cringe at the thought of some the things I have said in such circumstances trying to be positive, in total ignorance of how these “helpful comments” affect the person at the receiving end.
This is a very significant guide for everyone of us, as sooner or later we may find ourselves in either position. Don’t wait until the situation arises.
Nano Daemon

bloemetjes__ienieminiYes, so many suffer from chronic pain of one kind or another. I was shocked to see the number is over 100 million! This is why I’m so happy Anna Raymann published her books.
She goes into great detail about understanding the root of pain and gives a personal story to add credence.
Lastly, Anna lists some tools you can use to help with the problem. She gives resources and mentions support so that you are not alone.
All in all, the most convincing part of the book is – Anna has been there. She has suffered through some of the same agony as her readers so she can speak from experience. If you suffer from chronic pain I suggest you give this book a try!
Bob Pardue

bloemetjes__ienieminiThis book provides great insights with practical tips and tricks to improve a life with chronic pain. Whether you or someone you love faces chronic back pains, muscular deceases, cancer or other less visible structural illness that impact their lives, this pragmatic books can will help you manage your life better. Not just from the perspective of the patient but also for their spouse, children or close friends. Great and easy read!!!

bloemetjes__ienieminiThis book is really about understanding what your partner is going through and helping that person to cope with the pain and not hold it as a grudge against them. This book helped us, have a better relationship and to make me understand what is really going on with my spouse. I am really thankful for this book to have made things easier for me to understand.
Steve Bureau

bloemetjes__ienieminiAs a sufferer of chronic migraines, I was excited to read this book. Anna provides useful hints and tips on how to deal with pain, but more importantly, tackles the subject of relationships. Her insights into how a chronic pain sufferer can communicate successfully with their partner and vice versa are particularly helpful.
Jo Louise

bloemetjes__ienieminiA well thought out book in offering excellent advice in dealing with chronic pain, especially when dealing with family and friends. Very useful as I found several ideas that will be beneficial in the future. And yes, it is a team effort, whether it’s at home, work or in pubic. There is a lot here and I recommend giving it a few reads to fully get the immense wealth of information within. Anna Raymann knows what she is taking about for sure.
Dennis Waller

bloemetjes__ienieminiI wish I�������������������������������������������������������ve had this book before! I�����ve learned a lot about chronic pain and how to deal with it.

bloemetjes__ienieminiA well written book that will prove to be very helpful for those suffering from chronic pain. The book provides useful information that will help family and friends cope.

bloemetjes__ienieminiAfter reading one of Anna Raymann’s books on this subject, I realised I had found an author who completely understands this subject. I subsequently purchased her 3 other books in the series. Absolutely invaluable advice and insightful. Raymann understands that no one should suffer alone – not the chronic pain sufferer, family or friends. It is a team effort!
Kellie Bieber

bloemetjes__ienieminiThe reader gets additional benefits when the author of a book is an authority on the subject, or a patient, if it deals with a health problem. Anna Raymann is both. The reader gets insights that only a patient can give. The author tells you what you need to know before you read the book and what to expect, so that you get the best from the information. What is also very helpful is the summary after every chapter.
When reading this book, someone with chronic pain will find herself saying, very often, “That’s exactly how I feel. That is exactly what happens to me.” The fact that you will be able to say that, will help to get some comfort, or even some relief, because you will know that you are not alone. This writer understands your situation.
S. Roystone Neverston

bloemetjes__ienieminiVery helpful book outlining what chronic pain is like and how to deal gently with those suffering from it.
Donald Autrey

bloemetjes__ienieminiWhen I read this third book in the series, I had already read the other two. I thought to myself, “What can there be beyond what has already been said?” I was pleasantly surprised to see there was much more. Each of the three books gives the reader key insight about chronic pain and what the person with it is experiencing. But the great part about the series is that each book gives a look from the perspective of that targeted audience for that book in the series. The Family and Friends entry in the series is no exception. By the time I had completed this third book, I felt I had a much truer picture of the world that someone in chronic pain has to operate. And the “letter to a friend��� and “the Salami Technique” were excellent examples of a practicle approach to winning over chronic pain. Very well done!
Dr Mark A. Smith