Coping with chronic pain, a team effort!
Book 2: ‘For You and Your Kids’

This book is for you, someone who has to live with pain. It is also for the children living at home with you. Documented Book 2_vs4_witrandresearch shows that growing up with a parent who is in chronic pain can pose a risk to a child’s future happiness and development.
Children of parents with pain conditions are more likely to have a heightened vulnerability to developing pain conditions of their own. Teachers have noted that children of chronic pain patients have more significant behavioral problems and poorer social competence. Children of chronic pain patients typically face more problems in work and relationships in adulthood.
This book is about everything you can do to make sure your pain does not cause your children to suffer. In addition it will teach you how you can improve your relationship with your children and make the bond stronger. Like any other parent, you wish the very best for your children, but living with chronic pain makes it more difficult to be there for them when they need you. When you’re suffering so much yourself, it’s easy to take it out on those you love, including your children, without even realizing. Your illness can bring hardship and crisis into the family, but there are always ways to help children cope with the situation. This book will show you how.8_footballIt will point out you how you can turn your situation into an opportunity to strengthen family bonds and create resiliency in your children. If done right, it will help your children become better prepared for life’s obstacles, and it will teach them the value of keeping a positive attitude.Anna Raymann is a writer, a physiotherapist and a chronic pain patient. She wrote this book for you, with the help of a psychologist and over a hundred CPPs and the people around them, to help you to retain a healthy family life in spite of the pain!Living with chronic pain places a strain on all the important relationships in the life of the patient, as well as their spouse, children, family & friends. In these books you will find hundreds of ‘dos & don’ts’; practical, instantly applicable tips and advice that will benefit everybody suffering from pain, as well as those in their inner and outer social circles. A stronger social network for the chronic pain patient increases activity and can help to reduce the pain, as well as the need for medication and therapy.

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Table of contents of book 2: For You and Your Kids:

FIRST9_family at table


For children of all ages
Young children (up to 6 years)
Elementary scholars (6-13)
Teenagers and older children (ages 14 and up)
For all age groups
Family gatherings

Young children (up to 6 years)
Elementary scholars (6-13)
Teenagers and older children (ages 14 and up)


Reviews for Book 2: ‘For You and Your Kids':

bloemetjes__ienieminiThis book series is unique because it meets all of the social aspects of someone life. For someone who has children in their life, whether they are maternal or not, it is the most difficult explain pain to them. Often there is no support or assistance with this area and how to help your little loved ones understand. This book helps you find the right words and exercises to break the silence and “dance” that we do around children. This is a must read.
Megan Lewandowski

bloemetjes__ienieminiTruly a great book for those in a family with children and chronic pain. The lack of techno-jargon was very welcome given the target audience of children. The advice for the adult in pain as to how to relate to the children of all ages was excellent! But when I got to the second part of the book with things to read to children of various age groups – wow! This book is well worth ten times the price. Very well done!
Dr. Mark A. Smith

bloemetjes__ienieminiLiving in chronic pain is so difficult. Most people are sympathetic but cannot really understand what it is like to live this way. The authors are compassionate and make me feel as if somebody understands and cares. I would give this book to anybody I know that is struggling with a chronic illness. The support I feel when reading this book is better than any counselor I have ever talked too. Good book, recommended!
Yukie Davidson

bloemetjes__ienieminiA well thought out book in offering excellent advice in dealing with chronic pain, especially when dealing with children. Very useful as I found several ideas that will be beneficial in the future. And yes, it is a team effort. There is a lot here and I recommend giving it a few reads to fully get the immense wealth of information within.
Dennis Waller

bloemetjes__ienieminiWhen a family member is dealing with chronic pain, it affects everyone. This fact is often overlooked. The author’s broad understanding and intelligent approach to this subject is refreshing and so very much appreciated.
Kellie Bieber

bloemetjes__ienieminiChildren are the most affected by a parent in chronic pain. Use this book to help you and your kids…
Patricia Allen