Welcome at ‘Support for chronic pain’

Support and help for and by chronic pain patients, and for the people around them.
For an individual doesn’t get chronic pain, a family does!


Do you suffer from invisible chronic pain?bloemetjes

Chronic pain is one of main “invisible” maladies
that affects a wide number of people.
Even the family members and close friends of someone
suffering from chronic pain may not believe it is a real issue.
That is why having an active social network
that understands and supports your issue is vital.
Research has shown that social support makes you need
less medication and treatment  because you experience less pain.
How do you find these “Strong Helpers”
and make them part of your social network?

Or is there someone suffering from chronic pain in your life?

If you know someone who is suffering from chronic pain,
you probably wish you had resources
that would help you understand their life and their trials.
I bet you really wish you could give more and better support and help.
But you cannot take away the pain,
and it’s likely that you just feel helpless and don’t know what to do.
How do you become a ‘Strong Helper’?


bloemetjes__rechtsomSupport for chronic pain
is here for you!
Support for chronic pain
offers help to keep the relationships between the person with pain
and the people around him (or her) solid and warm.
Support for chronic pain
is dedicated to providing a caring and understanding environment for patients, caregivers and family members to help them avert the negative impact of the pain on their mutual relationships.


Support for chronic pain / Boek-en-steun is a nonprofit organization, run by volunteers, to help anybody who has to cope with chronic pain: patiënts and their partners, children, family members and friends.
Support for chronic pain / Boek-en-steun helps to keep the relationships warm and solid, in order to get more understanding, support and help for the patiënt and her/his family.
All the profit from the sales of the books is used for the organization in order to help more patiënts and people around them!


is the title of a series of ebooks designed for those both living with chronic pain, or those who know someone who suffers from chronic pain. They are part of Support for Chronic Pain’s plan to help those with chronic pain find relief and help those who have a loved one with this issue give support and encouragement.

These books are a wealth of resources for both the sufferer and the supporter, enabling the person struggling with chronic pain to find others who understand and can provide support. They also teach friends and family how to forge lasting, encouraging relationships that make a sufferer feel safe and supported.

De drie covers_vs4_webThe books, recently published on Amazon, are:
Book 1: For You and Your Partner
Book 2: For You and Your Kids
Book 3: For You and Your Family & Friends

Originally published in The Netherlands and Belgium these books had instant success and helped many, many people. After garnering amazing reviews, these books were translated to English, to help an even broader audience of people. Chronic pain is a problem that is often overlooked issue, especially the social part of it, but with these books, you and your family members will have the resources they need to create a warm, safe place. Find out more about these books, read the reviews, and see the TOC here.


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